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Teen Alcohol

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Teen drinking is proving to being real menace that parents have to deal with head on if they want success in the lives of their children. As much as there is increased awareness about the problems, statistics continue to show that the number of teens getting involved in alcohol and drug and substance abuse seems to be on the rise. This is indeed a worrying trend and it is imperative that all stakeholders and not only the parents take the initiative to ensure that this is reversed. Otherwise, the society will soon filled with young adults without the brains needed to move the economy and nation forward.

Why teens drink

Teens are particularly very vulnerable to alcohol use and the abuse of other drugs and substances. This is the stage when they have a great tendency to explore and they are likely to become rebellious when warned against doing certain things. Out of curiosity therefore, teens are likely to indulge into alcohol and drugs to “find out” why.

Peer pressure and influence is another factor that can’t be dismissed as responsible for teen drinking. This comes when they meet for social gatherings where there is alcohol and it becomes very tempting not to use the drinks when they see their elders already doing so. Again, in order not to be ridiculed as the weak one, they will take alcohol in a bid to try and prove to their peers that they are also grown up and can take what their elders are taking.

Stress and other demand of the lives of the teens may also be responsible for their indulgence in alcohol. For instance, the transition from middle school to high school might be overwhelming to some of them hence they decide to seek solace in alcohol. Other conditions such as trouble at home such witnessing the parents go through a divorce, having abusive and non supportive parents etc can also make the teens resort to drinking to drown the sorrow away.

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Risks of teen drinking

There are a plethora of risks that the teen exposes their lives to the moment they raise the bottle into their mouths. The inherent dangers are however never apparent to them and they only come back to their senses once the damage is done. The following are some of the common risks that lies await for the teens who decide to hit the bottle-:

  • Death – many teens have lost their lives due drank driving when they are from parties or other social gatherings with their friends.

  • Serious injuries – if death doesn’t ensue during the crushes, then the teens are likely to sustain very serious injuries as a result of driving under influence.

  • Increased risk of getting pregnant for the ladies – alcohol will most certainly impair judgment and this is a great risk especially for the ladies who are likely to get into sexual escapades and end up either affected with STI’s or getting pregnant.

  • Brain development problem – alcohol is known to damage the brain cell and when used over a long period of time, the teen might end up destroying their brains and failing to fully utilize their mental capabilities.

Therefore teen alcohol should be discouraged right from home, the learning institutions as well as by the governments.

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