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If you or a loved one is currently struggling with substance abuse, it's not something that needs to be faced alone. Every day, millions of people throughout the world wrestle with addictions. From drug dependance, to addictions to prescription medications, to alcohol, substance abuse is only one type of addiction, but there are 27 million “problem users” globally. For many, the answer may be professional drug rehab in , AL, and the drug treatment that qualified centers can provide.

Addiction doesn't discriminate between men or women, the young or the old, the employed or the unemployed. There are many reasons to become addicted, and many reasons to seek drug treatment, but the most important reason is to do it for yourself. Addiction is a painful burden to carry, and it hurts those around you, but it does the most damage to you as a person. That's why it's important to seek , AL drug rehab services, or to recommend them to someone in your life; not for other people, but for those that are addicted.

alcohol treatment

What is the Core of Addiction?

At its core, addiction is a “need.” Whether it's a need to cope with stress, a need to forget about a traumatic event, or a need to feel socially accepted, drugs and alcohol are an attempt to fulfill a need. While they may seem to work at first, in reality, these substances create an even bigger need, without satisfying the first, which is why drug treatment is necessary.

  • Your body needs the substance due to changes in chemistry. In some cases, it's possible to become so alcoholically dependent that quitting “cold turkey” can present a health risk. The same is true of certain narcotics. These chemical dependance are what are most often associated with , AL Drug rehab can help with methods of getting you free from the stranglehold of a substance safely.

  • Your mind needs the substance, because you may be self medicating, or because you just feel it's become a part of who you are. Even substances that aren't chemically addictive can easily become mentally addictive; it's easy to underestimate just how powerful the brain's chemistry is, and how the sensation of “feeling good” can be tied to triggers of behavior and experience. Drug treatment can help to discover positives in your life, without substance abuse.

  • Your social life needs substances, because it's easy to fall in with the “wrong crowd.” One of the most difficult challenges that you can face in drug treatment is realizing just how much other people can influence your bad behavior. Whether it's friends that purchase and abuse drugs with you, or it's romantic partners that pressure you into substance abuse, drug rehab can help you to identify and end toxic social relationships that could be making your addiction worse.

Drug treatment needs to be performed on a case-by-case basis. The damage of addiction differs from person to person, but where it strikes the deepest is in your self-esteem. You may feel that you are just incapable of being free of your addiction, or that it defines part of who you are. You may be living a lie to friends and family, which leads to swallowing a lot of shame and guilt, and creates an entire cycle of substance abuse as you try to escape those thoughts and feelings. Through drug rehab , AL, it's possible to examine those problems at their core.

Not every addiction is the same, either. With a drug treatment program, you can learn more about what triggers your addictions, what reinforces them, and what keeps you from becoming free of substance abuse. Drug rehab can also help you to replace formerly destructive patterns of behavior with something more constructive, fulfilling, and positive.

Addiction and its Impact

It's not easy to know when you or a loved one is at a point where , AL drug rehab may be necessary. The following is a list of possible signs, but it is by no means conclusive, nor does a person need to display every item to be addicted. Any single trait, or combination, may make you want to consider drug rehab.

alcohol treatment

Obsessive habits

including always needing to be “stocked” with a substance, an inability to stop using a substance, keeping secret stashes hidden at home or at work, and sneaking a substance with you to work, school, social gatherings, and other events.

alcohol treatment

Withdrawal from life

including ending friendships or romantic relationships that could conflict with your substance abuse, abusing or cutting yourself off from family members who are concerned, quitting your job, ending hobbies or activities that you were once passionate about, having financial difficulties, and consuming less food on average in favor of substance abuse.

alcohol treatment

Impaired judgment

including taking large doses of a substance, difficulties that you may have with the law, continuing substance abuse despite health concerns, difficulty in personal relationships due to substance abuse, and using a substance to respond to a difficult situation.

Addicts may also lose or gain weight, become anxious or paranoid, experience mood swings, and more. Drug treatment becomes your best option if you find that there has been a radical shift in personality, habit, safety, and other concerns where drug rehab may be able to help.

For Yourself and Those You Love

If you are currently wrestling with an addiction, the time to get drug treatment is now. The problem will only get worse with time, and you absolutely cannot afford to continue to burn your life away on substance abuse. Get the , AL drug rehab that you need, but realize that it's not a silver bullet; every day is a challenge, but the reward can be a new life, free of the pain, guilt, and darkness of addiction.

If a loved one is addicted, and you are deeply concerned, then do not be afraid to recommend drug treatment through a drug rehab center. Family, friends, and neighbors all need our support when handling addiction, not our judgment.

If you're ready to seek drug treatment for your substance abuse addiction, we're ready to listen. We offer a free, confidential assessment of your situation any time, day or night. We also provide a form that you can fill out. Once you do, a , AL drug rehab counselor will contact you with more. The first step to recovery is to ask for the help that you need.

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